Step By Step Guide To Become Modern Frontend Developer In 2021

My take

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Innspired by, here is my take:

1. Start

Frame 1.png

2. Computer Science Fundamentals

Frame 2.png

3. Internet

Frame 3.png


Frame 4.png

5. JavaScript

Frame 5.png

6. Ecosystem

Frame 7.png

7. Git

Frame 6.png

8. NodeJS

Frame 10.png

9. ReactJS

Frame 8.png

10. Modern CSS

Frame 9.png

11. GraphQL

Frame 11.png

12. TypeScript

Frame 12.png

Happy coding, Nick

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Catalin Pit's photo

It's a bit difficult to read the text on the black background!

Otherwise, good article! 🙏

Nick Bull's photo

Uploaded high res, thank you!

Wilsoncl Wong's photo

concise and clear

Mariam David-Alozie's photo

It's a straight forward guideline.

Sydney Ochieng's photo

This is great Nick, keep up with the spirit. You might not know me but I'm a fan. 😂 Maybe I should be your mentee